Transporting chemicals, solvents, lubricant. Project and logistics

1. Transportation of chemicals, solvents, lubricants, foodgrade products.

With a fleet of vehicles and warehouses spanning the whole territory of Vietnam, ISOTANK VIETNAM can provide transportation services for liquids, chemicals, solvents and lubricants nationwide, Cambodia and Laos.

-Transporting chemicals, liquid and solvents

ISOTANK VIETNAM has many types of ISO  tanks specializing in transporting chemicals of all kinds, ensuring strict quality on chemical transportation requirements.

Dedicated ISO tank to avoid corrosion.
Anti-foam system due to vibration.
Dedicated valve system.

-Transport of lubricants

Lubricants are transported by specialized ISOtank to ensure the conditions and requirements of products according to international standards.

Various capacities from 10, 20, 40 m3.
Insulation system.
Sectional interior panel system according to international standards

-Transport of foodgrade products

Foodgrade products are transported by dedicated fleet of new 25000 liters T11 tanks and are in strict control in temperatures and time.

2. Fleet management

We can manage your ISO tank container fleet so you can focus on your core business and save costs. With a global network of depots and surveyors we can take an active role in overseeing the maintenance and periodical tests of the tanks you lease or own.

3. Supply chain optimization

In the recent years we have successfully assisted many of our customers to optimize their supply chain. By sharing our knowledge about the equipment and by using our broad network of operators, forwarders, depots and surveyors we can do a lot more than just leasing. Please share your business case with us and together we can take your business to the next level