Customized Equipment

With a full-fledged ISO tank Depot in Haiphong, ISOtank Vietnam provides ISO tank customizing services to fulfill customer’s specialized requirements.

1. Special tanks

Beside standard equipment we offer different types of special tanks which include : Food stuff only, Electrical heated, Glycol Electrical heated, reefer tanks, highly Isolated tanks, baffled tanks, multi compartment tanks and clip-on generators.

2. Dedicated product tanks

Is your current fleet fully optimized for your business in regards to capacity and layout or did it just fit in the model of the lessor? Your business is our starting point for designing the optimal tank. Please share your enquiry and we will specify the most suitable tank container for your business.

3. Modifications

We provide many different types of modifications. Please let us know the products you will be loading and some general business dynamics of your operations and we will offer you the best suitable tank.