Highly hazardous

Highly hazardous tank container

IMO 1, T11 / T14 / T20 / T22 UN portable tank container (14,600 – 24,000 liters)


Highly hazardous tank container

The highly hazardous tank container is an IMO 1, T11, T14, T20 or T22 stainless steel container with a capacity range between 14.600 and 24.000 liters. The tank containers we offer are suitable to transport highly hazardous and often corrosive cargoes. The tanks comply to all international regulations including ASME-U Stamp (T20 and T22). We have a variety of tank containers with either a rubber, resign or plastic lining. Other types and modifications include tank containers with baffle plates, bolted manlids, valve actuators, coated valves, coated spill boxes, gauges and different top discharge connections. Other safety related fittings or connections improving the operational flexibility can also be attached.

Beside the options shown, a wide range of other modifications and fittings is available. Please share your enquiry and we will specify the most suitable tank container for your business. During this process we will take into account the product(s) to be loaded, the area of operation and any loading or discharge preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal tank taking both income and costs into consideration.

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